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Chinese food is different from other cuisines in several ways. For one, food is picked up with chopsticks rather than spoons or forks and knives. There are also varieties of Chinese cuisine where different regions make dishes that have spicy, sweet, hearty, sour or other flavors. If you have had a taste of food from this part of the world, it has most likely become a favourite in your household. If you haven't, you will most likely become a fan once you try it.

Find authentic Chinese dishes from local favourites

If you are in Hong Kong, you may be wondering where you can get a meal of authentic Chinese dishes.There are a number of premium Chinese food restaurants in Hong Kong island as well as Kowloon. Cafe Hunan is one of them. Located on Queen's Road West in the Western District, Cafe Hunan has a varied and sumptuous selection of Chinese food such as fried rice, dim sum, Nam Kee spring roll noodle and many more.

You can also choose to sample different types of Chinese food. Some restaurants offer mixed platters or buffets and you can order this. Along with your meal, you can also offer Chinese desserts. The restaurants offer options like almond tea with a white egg and double-boiled snow lotus herb and snow fungus.

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