French food delivery in Hong Kong

Order food online from the best French restaurants

French gastronomy is synonymous with classy, delectable food, and with good reason. As you will see from even a quick glance at the list of French delivery places that we have put together for you, French food is tasty, charming, and very sophisticated. Our list of places to order French food online is made up of only the very best French restaurants in Hong Kong. One of the restaurants that we have found for you, for example, Le Port Parfume, serves up some amazing seafood dishes.

Discover the perennially popular flavours of French cuisine :

Are you looking for French food in Hong Kong? By using foodpanda online food ordering platform, you can find several restaurants offering French food around you, try the pan seared scallops with seaweed butter for a real taste explosion, or try out the lobster risotto with some haricots verts on the side. Keen for a roast chicken? What better place to order from than from the chicken specialists themselves: La Rotisserie! French food does not have to be lingered over, however, if you do not have time for a long, candlelit dinner (though this is also a lovely way to enjoy your French delivery). If you fancy something quick and authentic, Insta Crepes is a great option, and you can grab everything from a simple Nutella crepe to a Vegetarian crepe loaded with Emmental cheese, bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms and fragrant basil. There are plenty more restaurants to discover above and beyond these options, though: take a look for yourself.

Turn any day into a special occasion when you order French food online

A roast chicken will turn an ordinary weekday into a feast for all of the family. A few crepes will make a working lunch at the office into an enjoyable occasion, no matter how big the project that you are working on is. And, of course, for anyone who wants to create a romantic atmosphere, French cuisine is very often the default choice. Treat your partner or your crush to some coq au vin, a delectable casserole or just an authentic cheese plate and do not forget to accompany your meal with a well chosen, full bodied French wine and to round it off with some marvellous French desserts like creme brulee.

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