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Ordering Healthy Food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Healthy food delivery can help you access some delicious foods that are also wholesome. With the wrong food choices that many people make, there is a focus on looking for healthy foods that not only taste good but also deliver the right nourishment without side effects. Foodpanda helps you get the best of healthy food delivery right to your home or place of work. No matter where you are, you no longer need to travel long distances or book a table to taste healthy food from the best restaurants in Hong Kong.

Order salad online

Think healthy food and the first thing that comes to mind is a salad. Whether you are on a diet or you just want to make healthier food choices, this is the food you can start with. Salads need not be bland, unappetizing mish mash of veggies and you will be surprised at the endless plethora of salads that are healthy as well as delicious. However, you will be amazed at the plethora of healthy salads available to you, if you order food online. There are plenty of other food choices for you, and when you order healthy food delivery, there is no dearth of foods on offer for you. Le Pain Quotidien is one of the foremost health food restaurants in the city and you can look forward to an assortment of salads. Try the smoked salmon served with cheese and bread, or the chicken salad consisting of bacon, egg, dill and vegetables.

New twist to familiar healthy foods

Healthy foods are not always complicated but they do bring out the flavours naturally present in foods. Try the meals at the Le Pain Quotidien. You can order not only salads but an entire gamut of foods, including desserts. Try the vegetable omelette containing mushrooms and served with bread or the Spanish Omelette with plenty of tomatoes and potatoes, and a side of sauce and bread. If you are fond of baked foods, try the aptly named Knead where you can eat sandwiches of different types. If you are looking for a full course meal, restaurants such as the Grassroots Pantry will have you full with Thai curry, Indian tikka bread, gyoza with sides such as crackers, sautéed salad, and desserts such as Mochi cake and vanilla custard.

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