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Italians take their food quite seriously. The main meal of the day is lunch or il pranzo. A meal would start with an appetizer (antipasti), followed by the first course (il primo) and the second course (il secondo) which is the main meal. It would all be finished with a dessert of fruit or something sweet with a cup of espresso coffee. If you are in most parts of Italy, you would then give your body time to take it all in with a siesta or an afternoon nap. Are you looking for an Italian food delivery in Hong Kong? We’ve put together a selection of Italian restaurants offering a great variety of Italian food, ranging from Pizza, Pasta, Spaghetti, salad and so many more.

Order Italian food online and get a taste of Italy in Hong Kong

All the restaurants listed on the foodpanda Hong Kong app have been carefully vetted to ensure that they will serve you nothing but the best. Some of the Italian restaurants you will find listed on the app are:

  • Linguini Fini
  • Jack's Pizzeria
  • Cafe Deco Pizzeria
  • Piccolo Pizzeria
  • Al Forno Pizzeria
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Pizza Express and so many more.

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If the day at the office gets too busy for you to get out for lunch or you will be working longer than usual, you can still get the Italian food you are craving. It may also be that you want to stay home and treat yourself or your family to Italian food but you don't want to have to leave home. Just send foodpanda Hong Kong and get on with other things as you await delivery. Even if you were not planning anything, the ease and convenience of getting Italian food on your table should inspire to throw an Italian-themed party. Bon appetite!

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