Japanese food delivery in Hong Kong

Order food from the best Japanese restaurants

Artistically prepared sushi, fairytale like glass noodles, comforting broths with tempting udon and indulgent custard tarts and mochi filled with red bean paste. These are just a few of the amazing dishes that you can order when you decide to eat Japanese style. We have created a sumptuous list of the very best places in Hong Kong to order Japanese cuisine, with popular places like NINOEN Japanese Shop firmly entrenched in our selection of local favourites.

Enjoy a Japanese feast with local favourites in Hong Kong

We recommend getting a Japanese curry delivery from Chi Chi Cham, for instance, a restaurant that also does amazing tempura vegetables and fantastic bento sets for lunch. Sushi, sashimi and all of its varieties are, of course, some of the most prominent dishes in Japanese cuisine, and there are plenty of authentic restaurants in Hong Kong that will provide you with that fresh sushi fix. Or-No Kappou does some gorgeous seafood sushi, for example, with exotic flavours such as sea urchin jostling alongside salmon and shrimp. Another great sushi place in the city is Matsumoto, rightly famous for its aesthetically pleasing sashimi sets (opt for the set involving truffles if you want an extra opulent treat) and its ramen sets which provide you with a full meal (the ramen come complete with sushi, salad and a drink on the side).

Delve into the world of Japanese flavours with a delivery at any time of day

Whether you want some vegetable tempura to share with your friends as you watch a film, or a few bowls of ramen for a family dinner, you will not be disappointed when you order Japanese food online from one of our restaurants. A Japanese curry delivery, enjoyed by candlelight, will provide you with an elegant way to start a romantic evening. It is almost mandatory to add a sumptuous dessert to that dinner, too. Plates of sushi are perfect sharing food, and they are brilliant for corporate events (such as talks or conferences) and for parties, alike, particularly when paired with some fizzy champagne.

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