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Famed worldwide for its nutritious qualities and its marvellous taste, Mediterranean food is something that everyone should try. Grilled meats, delicious dips and breads, scrumptious seafood and inventive pasta dishes are just a few of the options when you decide to eat Mediterranean style. Nothing is better than getting a Mediterranean feast delivered to your door when you get a craving for some sun splashed culinary goodness. So, we have created a superb list of all of the best places to get a delivery of Mediterranean food in Hong Kong.

Time for some delicious Mediterranean cuisine

One mouth watering example is Il Bel Paese, which specialises in fresh and authentic Italian cuisine.Try the tagliatelle with its rich slow cooked tomato sauce, the homely meatballs and the amazing pumpkin tortelloni - and that's just to start with: there are numerous delectable dishes to try at this Mediterranean eatery. Another lovely restaurant to try out in the city is Awtar, which features some gorgeous Mediterranean style dips that are perfect sharing food. Try the many varieties of hummus, fatouche and adana to start off with before moving on to casseroles, kebabs, grilled salmon and falafels for mains. There are some wonderful desserts available at this restaurant, too, including halva and saffron creme brulee. These are just two of the amazing Mediterranean themed restaurants available in the city: explore our list further to find out what other options are in store for you.

Mediterranean cuisine is ideal for getting people together

Grab a Mediterranean BBQ delivery, uncork some sparkling wine, and get chatting with your friends and family over a menu of BBQ chicken and sticky Mediterranean ribs. Enjoy brunch with your loved ones as you all dip in to spicy hummus and smoked aubergine dips, or just snack by yourself in the office on pitta bread, falafel and Italian starters. If you are looking for something elegant to eat as a special treat for your partner, why not try out some classy Italian cuisine like arancini or spaghetti with seafood and a fantastic lemon sauce?

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