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Cuisine from the Middle East is rich and varied. A staple of it is grains or cereal especially wheat, rice, and barley. White wheat is used to make bread which is the universal staple. Wheat is also used to make cracked wheat or burghul and couscous. Burghul is used to make meat pies and is added to salads such as tabbouleh. Another popular grain is freekeh which is made from immature green wheat. The other important grain in this region is rice which is served with grilled meat or stews.

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Another unique element of Middle Eastern dishes is the flavour. Flavour is added with the cooking oil which is usually butter, ghee or smen, and olive oil. Spices are also widely used in this region. A stew will usually have some coriander, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, and chilli. In salads, mint and parsley will usually be added. A sprinkling of sumac (crushed sour berries) over grilled meat is also popular.

Meat dishes with that unique Middle East touch

In this part of the world, lamb and mutton are the meat of choice. Pork is rarely eaten for religious reasons. Meat is prepared mainly by grilling which is done differently in different regions but the sheesh kebab which is cubed cuts of meat grilled on skewers is prevalent all over. There is also the kofta kebab where ground meat mixed with onions and spices is mixed around a skewer and grilled. Kebabs are a popular street and restaurant food but not in homes and are served with pickles, salad, and bread.

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