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Ordering Noodles Ramen from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Noodles are scrumptious, filling and wonderfully versatile too. The traditional Japanese dish ramen is an excellent addition to any lunch or dinnertime meal table. It features classic wheat noodles in a meat or veggie broth, topped with soy sauce, marinated meats or pickled veg. Another delicious noodle based treat is Pho, the famous Vietnamese dish, consisting of noodles in a savoury broth, topped with succulent meats and herbs. Everyone should try ramen, udon noodles and other tasty noodle dishes such as Vietnamese soup at least once in their life time (though these culinary delicacies are so delectably addictive that the first time is never the last).

Spice up your mealtimes with a ramen delivery

To help you to find your dream noodle dish, we have put together a fabulous list of the best places to grab noodles and order soups online in Hong Kong. This restaurant selection features firm favourites such as Kaifong Western Restaurant which specialises in fresh new twists on classic pasta dishes (the seafood pasta with tomato sauce is delicious, for example). Other eateries on the list that are beloved by Hong Kong locals and tourists alike include North Viet Pho (which, of course, is a marvellous place to get some delectable pho as well as cold vermicelli flavoured with lemongrass and heart vegetable soups) and Nam Kee Spring Roll Noodle Co with its simple yet spectacular rice noodle dishes featuring ground beef, broths and numerous toppings including flaked fish with spices). There are lots more restaurants to discover in the city, though, so take a look!

Light lunches, family dinners and more

As the hit Disney film Lady and the Tramp demonstrated, noodles are the perfect choice for date night food. A bowl of ramen is also a wonderful form of comfort food, great for lazy weekend brunches and grounding lunches at your office desk alike. Pasta and noodles can be whatever you want them to be: order soups online as starters, choose a noodle salad as one of your side dishes to a bigger meal, or make a meat and udon plate the main feature of your dinner tonight. Spice things up with plenty of chilli or add that classic combination of fish and lemon (or yummy lemongrass) for an elegant supper.

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