Pasta delivery in Hong Kong!

Order pasta online from the best Western restaurants

Whether you fancy a pasta or noodle based meal to enjoy with all the family, or just some mac and cheese on the side when you order a juicy burger, you can get the pasta delivery of your dreams here. Because of its carbohydrate content, pasta is perfect for fueling up with before a workout, or a big day at work. Its warm, comforting, hearty feel makes pasta brilliant for a leisurely evening meal. From romantic candlelit dinners with your date to movie marathons with a bowl of comfort food, you can always count on a pasta delivery to get you feeling content with your lot.

Enjoy some delectable, traditional Italian pasta

Thought to have originated in Sicily in the early twelfth century, pasta is a perennially popular dish. Made from a variety of carefully chosen ingredients, including fresh free range eggs, nutritious durum wheat and oil made from ripe olives, pasta can be combined with sauces, meats and veggies to create a brilliant range of dishes. Other cultures have created similar dishes from rice flour: rice noodles, Udon in broth and much more await you when you decide to branch out beyond traditional Italian cuisine! When you order pasta online with us, you can sample everything from spaghetti with seafood to hearty lasagna. Our pasta delivery service enables you to order from a range of the very best restaurants in Hong Kong, including Chicken on the Run with its famous chicken and mushroom lasagne and Atasuki Udon with its gorgeous noodle dishes. Oppa Chicken, meanwhile, offers plenty of exciting variations on classic Italian food: its rice cake carbonara is amazing, for instance.

Dare to try a pasta dish you have never heard of before!

Not all pasta is the same: far from it! New types of pasta are made from chickpeas, black beans and edamame flour, and modern chefs are always looking for new twists to add to classic dishes. Tempt your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons by trying a spaghetti or lasagna dish (or indeed any other type of pasta) and exploring the wonderful world of this originally-medieval dish. Pasta will never go out of fashion, thanks to its versatility and its delicious taste. Accompany your pasta with salad, extra cheese, classic garlic bread or opt for noodles with some steaming Japanese broth, it's up to you.

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