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Enjoy the spoils of Hong Kong with some Congee

As the ultimate Chinese comfort food, Congeee can be found in hundreds of restaurants throughout the city of Hong Kong. This delicious porridge-like substance is fundamentally rice which has been cooked in water for sustained periods of time, resulting in a very runny like texture. On it's own, this dish is quite nutritious, however is served with numerous condiments and side dishes for additional flavour. Finding Congee in the local area is as easy as finding the best curry or soup as there is an abundance of restaurants scattered across town. Congee is a dish which can be served with almost anything and if you take a trip to establishments such as Law Fu Kee, you will be able to sample the chewy pork meatballs or tantalising home made clam sauce. The Mui Kee menu is equally as delicious and this is a family run restaurant which takes great pride in their Chinese food.

Other terrific Chinese food outlets serving this dish include:

  • Home-Made Cuisine
  • Cafe Matchbox
  • Sun Kee
  • Nam Kee Spring Roll Noodle Co Ltd

Why leave the home why you can opt for delivery service!

That's right, this option is highly advantageous if your time means money or you have you hands full looking after the home and family. Delivery service is also very convenient if you have experienced a draining day and need some comfort food to relax with. We operate one of the best food delivery services in Hong Kong and promise to bring your Congee order directly to your front doorstep. . Choosing to have your grub delivered will give you more time to spend laughing with you family as cooking can consume both your time and attention. Place your concerns in the reliable hands of foodpanda instead.

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