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Generally, by using different sauces, ingredients, and spices, pasta is a simple dish but can be varied in a wide scale, which has more than 300 varieties of shapes and styles. Although cooking pasta is easy, perfect knowledge is required for making a good combination of pasta and sauce. Since pasta sauces can be varied in color, taste and texture, knowing how to integrate ingredients and condiments to produce a proper taste is rather important. Now you might wonder, where can you find a good place for pasta in Hong Kong? Don’t worry! Since you are in Hong Kong, a territory as known as a city of gourmet, the food culture has been influenced by both eastern and western style due to British colonial rule before 1997. Some people even use an interesting term of “east meet west” to describe Hong Kong. Therefore, it won’t be a problem to find delicious pastas from thousands of restaurants in Hong Kong.

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