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Ordering Beverages from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Whether you are choosing a fine wine to accompany a classically elegant French dinner, or whether you are seeking enough drinks to start off your birthday party with a raucous toast, a quick afternoon coffee to share with a friend or a healthy smoothie before a workout our beverage delivery service will sort you out. We have carefully selected all of the best places to order drinks online in Hong Kong and put them all together for you in a handy list. On this list you will find some fantastic restaurants that offer a tempting beverage selection.

Time for a drink? We have all the right beverages for you

On the list above, you will find plenty of variety. For example, just take a look at the menu of Chillers, a takeout that is specifically focused on providing beverage delivery and which offers everything from exquisite wines to coconut water, and from spirits to cool beers. If you fancy a snack as you drink (and who doesn't?), Chillers also provides some lovely Mexican small plates such as nachos and quesadillas. One great place to try out is Awtar, for instance, the classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant that can deliver everything from a bottle of their eponymous Awtar wine to an inventive 'cream of broccoli' smoothie. If cocktails and delectable liquors are your thing, moreover, you must take a look at the drinks menu at the Korean restaurant HanJan. Cocktails here include the fruity 'Banana Split' (featuring banana puree, spiced rum and milk) and lots of creative flavours like the alcoholic 'High Tea' composed of earl grey syrup, orange bitters, tanquery gin and hazelnut foam

Finding the right wine, beer or juice makes all of the difference

A tasty, colourful cocktail turns a dull morning into a luscious opportunity for brunch with friends. A cup of bubble tea is a lovely way to bring a fun, light hearted atmosphere to your coffee hour at work. Order coffee online and grab a few cakes and you have put together a brilliant afternoon with a few friends, or just a good book. Our beverage delivery service is great for parties, of course: why spend ages hefting heavy bags of beer and spirits home from the supermarket when you could simply have them delivered to your door? And why worry about mixing your own cocktails when you could have them created for you by an expert!

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