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Halal food Hong Kong - from our best restaurants in HK

Halal food Hong Kong

Based on Islamic law, halal is a term that is used to describe and define not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life. Mostly, halal is referred to food that is allowed for Muslims to eat or drink. The most common food which is not permissible for Muslims is pork, but food other that pork can be restricted as well. It must come from a supplier that uses halal practices, for instance, the slaughter must be performed by a Muslim. Furthermore, all non-food items like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals must comply with the regulation as mentioned previously as well. Are you looking for halal food in Hong Kong? Restaurants like Ebeneezers and Jo Jo Indian in Wan Chai would be great options for you if you want to try halal food Hong Kong.

Other highly recommended restaurants for Halal food Hong Kong are:

Chor Basare
Palki Indian restaurant
Tava Quick

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Halal food in Hong Kong

Are you not feeling to cook at home or going out for food? Don’t hesitate to come to foodpanda’s website for a wide variety of restaurants and order your favorite Halal food Hong Kong! You can easily find restaurant’s menu online and read reviews from previous customers, which will give you some opinions on our offers of halal food in Hong Kong to make a decision.

However there some popular halal dishes you should definitely try. To order some of the best Halal food on foodpanda you just need to follow the 4 easy steps:

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You can complete the order process within a few clicks in a minute and pay online by credit card or cash on delivery. Mobile apps for either iPhone or Android phones are available to let you order Halal food in Hong Kong on the go. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start your journey for best food in Hong Kong! Feeling more like pizza - try out delicious pizza from our best pizza restaurants in Hong Kong!

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