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Cream puffs, layer cakes, jellies and mochi: these are just a few of the delectable desserts that Hong Kong has in store for you. Our restaurant range includes plenty of fabulous places to grab a dessert, and only the top dessert places in the city make it onto our list. XTC Gelato is one example: this fancy ice cream parlour serves up a wonderful variety of cold sweet treats, including Sea Salt Caramella and Hong Kong Milk Tea.

Cave in to your sweet tooth with our tasty dessert selections

Wondering where to get the best desserts in Hong Kong? White Chocolate Chip Pancakes from the Green Waffle Diner are always delicious, whilst the desserts at the veggie restaurant called Grassroots Pantry are always spectacular to behold a and imaginative in their design: their Rum Raisin Cannoli, for example, is a riot of different flavours, featuring Coconut Sugar Tuile, coconut whip, raw chocolate and salted caramel ice cream. These are just a few examples of the superb dessert options in the city, providing everything from macarons to vegan cupcakes. Jump right in and explore this vibrant, fruity and sugary world of cupcakes, fruit salads, ice creams, waffles, pancakes, and many more desserts that you may never even have dreamt of.

Dessert is not just for after a meal

Though our restaurant range is perfect for finding a sweet treat to round off a meal, you can also use this delivery service to find something sugary for any time of day. When you order afternoon tea online, for example, you can enjoy a platter of sandwiches, cakes, fruits and perhaps some traditional scones all washed down with speciality teas. Afternoon teas are great for entertaining friends, for providing fuel during a celebration such as a baby shower, or for gathering friends and family together for a graduation picnic. Birthdays are another occasion where plenty of cake is called for, and Hong Kong is a brilliant city for getting a birthday cakes delivery. Classic flavours such as vanilla and chocolate are available, but you can also explore some weird and wonderful cakes such as salted caramel flavour, cinder toffee and milk tea cakes.

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