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A popular dish in many Asian countries, Congee is a type of rice porridge dish which can be eaten at any time of day. A popular treat to enjoy with relatives and friends, Congee is the gateway to the cuisine of numerous different countries including Hong Kong. Also known as 'Jook' in Hong kong, this dish is prepared by boiling the rice in a large quantity of water until every drop has been soaked up, creating an incredibly thick rice base. A delightful and filling rice porridge, it is traditionally served with salted duck eggs, lettuce, bamboo shoots and a variety of other condiments. While you remain in Hong Kong, Congee can be acquired at any restaurant which serves Chinese food and we have a great selection to choose from. Plenty of steamed rice dishes can be enjoyed including a host of Southeast Asian dishes indigenous to countries like Thailand and Malaysia. Some of the best Chinese food in Hong Kong can be with you in less than an hour so go wild and order food online for the whole family, you know you deserve it!

But why choose the delivery service of foodpanda?

  • A convenient way to enjoy Congee at home without even making a phone call
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  • We work with some of the best Chinese food restaurants in Hong Kong


We work with some of the best Chinese food restaurants in Hong Kong

With dozens of Chinese restaurants in the city, finding a bowl of this delicious congee won't present much of a struggle. If you can't find it on one menu, simply skip to the next. We represent many of the best establishments in the city and understand your need for wanting to dine at home.

Some of the top restaurants that you can order congee on foodpanda are:

  • Gaia Veggie Shop
  • Hong Kong Noodle & Congee Cafe
  • Dim Sum Bar
  • Paramita Vegetarian Restaurant

Leave it to us to bring rice porridge to you and feel free to utilize our delivery service as often as you like. Whether you do it on foodpanda website or awesome mobile app, you still are going to receive the best food delivery service in Hong Kong. Take the chance to leave your reviews and rating so other customers can get your ideas and recommendations for dishes, cuisines and restaurants in Hong Kong.

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