Thai food delivery in Hong Kong

Order food from the best Thai restaurants

People who order Thai food online have plenty of options, ranging from the famous Pad Thai to the Tom Yum soup, made of shrimps and fish sauce, flavoured with chilli, lemongrass and lime leaves. You can also order other foods such as Tom Kha, chicken cooked in coconut milk and shallots, flavoured with lime leaves and lemongrass. Then there are even more exotic foods to be tired such as Kai Med Ma Muang, chicken sautéed with nuts and vegetables and marinated in soy sauce, flavoured with chillies. Thai delivery ensures that you can enjoy these flavours and many more in the comfort of your home whether you are entertaining guests, treating your family, or enjoying a solo meal.

Rich seafood and meat curries

Thai food is famous for its mildly spicy flavours and rich textures. You can try them when you order meat based dishes such as the Gai Yung, grilled chicken with plenty of spices or the Nuer Phad, stir fried meat spiced with ginger and onions. While grilled meats are certainly good for a snack or a lunch box, if you are looking for something more elaborate, try Gaeng Garee Salmon, or salmon cooked with herbs, lemongrass, ginger and garlic. One of the most elaborate items on the Thai menu would be the Gaeng Massamum Ka Gae which takes plenty of time to prepare, but offers the most delicious results. If you love seafood, then you have options ranging from the Chu Chee Kung Yai, where large prawns are cooked in a red sauce or Pla Yang Hor Bai Tong, or sea bass wrapped in banana leaves and flavoured with garlic and basil.

Noodles and rice options

When it comes to rice and noodles, Thai cuisine has much to offer. You can choose glass noodles prepared in a variety of ways, incorporated in stews and stir fried with meat. You can choose a meal of fried rice that contains the sweet, spicy flavours of pineapple and chilli, prepared with chicken and other types of meat. Rice noodles are also worthy of consideration, and they are often stir fried with meat and soy sauce, for a crunchy, filling bite.

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