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Hong Kong the home of good Noodles & Ramen

Love noodles and ramen? Look not further than foodpanda's pages, and you will find a very wide selection in Hong Kong, which can be ordered online. From traditional thin, wheat and egg noodles, rich and nourishing, to the thicker wheat ramen, or even made from buckwheat, just surf foodpanda&'s pages to find just the right dish for you this tea time.

A wide range of restaurants and styles close to you in Hong Kong

Try, Noodle-Mi for Vietnamese style, with no added MSG, they have a range of fresh and innovative recipes to choose from on their Ramen menu. Also, try 'Sohofama' who use organic ingredients in their healthy recipes, and have a lovely range of healthy salads to try too. Or order a meal from'Sun Kee' for traditional Chinese dishes including fish ball dishes and soup based dishes with vegetables and fish or meat. Or perhaps order some food delivery from 'K-Roll', which has Korean recipes, which can be hot and spicy.

Find below some of the best places in Hong Kong for noodles and ramen:

  • Koh Tai
  • Noodle House
  • Satay King
  • Maureen
  • Dragon State Kitchen Restaurant

One stop ordering of the favourite noodles and ramen with the foodpanda app

A great range of all your favourite ramen are always easy to track down fast with the foodpanda app, whether based in a simple healthy stock or a luscious broth or tasty sauce. Most restaurants have appetizers, and sundries and drinks on the menu too. This makes ordering your every day treats a one stop, easy operation. Tasty, wholesome, nutritious dishes for all events and occasions, in any combination you like. Just browse through the restaurants close to you and pick the one you fancy, then comes the step when you choose your favourite noodle or ramen. Also complement it with fresh and healthy salad or why not a sweet dessert. Lastly you add the order and check out using the convenient payment method - either online payment by credit card and Paypal or pay by cash on delivery.

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